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Just how safe are you at online casinos? The direct answer to this question is that you are very safe and secure! In fact, online casinos are ranked as one of the safest places to visit online because of the numerous security measures put in place to ensure that your safety!

If you are in doubt of the safety of your personal and financial information, read our safe online casino review and guide on safety to discover just how well your personal and financial information is protected.

How to Choose a Secure and Safe Online Casino

There are a few key factors you have to consider if you want to play at a secure online casino With attention to detail and dedication to the cause, we have gone above and beyond the standard requirements and listed some of these key factors so you can always end up at a safe platform.

Certified by Independent 3rd Party Auditing Companies

Independent 3rd party auditing bodies are those that carry unbiased audits on different online casinos to certify that these sites truly meet the minimum security and safety measures that will guarantee players have safe, secure, and fair gaming experience. Some of these bodies include the following:

  • eCOGRA – The name of the company is an acronym for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, and it’s a non-profit organisation that was formed in 2003. Globally, this company is known for testing and approving online gaming software that most of the operators use.

  • iTech Labs – This is yet another good example of an independent non-profit organisation that operates in a similar fashion to eCOGRA. Based in Australia, the company tests casinos software and games to ensure that they are up to date to the industry requirements.

  • Gaming Laboratories International – Abbreviated as GLI, the company was formed more than two decades ago, where it used to test land based casino games and software. With the advent of the online casino era, it also established an arm to deal with the online industry that has so far been on the forefront to ensure safe and secure gaming!

These are just some of the few non-profit organisations you’ll come across online, which work round the clock to ensure that a casino has passed all the safety and security requirements.

How will you tell whether an operator is GLI, iTech Labs or eCOGRA certified? It’s simple. Once these companies complete their audits, they usually write reports and publish the findings on their websites. Also, those casinos that have passed the test will have a GLI, iTech Labs or eCOGRA certification stamp on their website, usually located at the bottom of the page.

Look at the Licensing Companies

Licensing companies in the iGaming industry are responsible for setting up the rules and regulations that dictate how the industry will operate. Thanks to these companies, online casinos know what’s required of them and what they aren’t supposed to do. Therefore, before signing up at an online casino, you have to ensure it has a valid license from any of the following:

  • Malta Gaming Authority – Popularly known as the MGA, this is an independent regulatory body that has a reputation of governing some of the top operators in the industry – mostly those that operate in Europe. You shouldn’t hesitate to sign up at an online casino that has it’s license issues by the MGA.

  • The UK Gambling Commission – For a long time, UK players have been protected by the UK Gambling Commission. This company has stringent rules that every operator has to meet before they can offer any gambling and casino services to UK players.

  • The Kahnawake Gaming Commission – It’s a licensing company that mostly licenses casinos that have players located within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake as well as other European countries. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission also has a reputation for licensing sportsbooks online!

  • The Government of Curacao – Focuses mostly on licensing all operators offering their services to European and UK players. It’s also one of the best independent auditing companies in the gambling industry.

Adding to the authenticity of licensing there is also the aspect of GameCare Certification, which means that the operator is highly committed to ensuring that all its members play and gamble responsibly!

Just as with the auditing companies, you can tell the region in which the operator is licensed in by looking at the licensing information located at the bottom of the page. You should see information like this…’is authorized and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). License numbers MGA/CL1/542/2008’ or ‘…is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, license number: XXX (issued 3 August 2016)’

All Your Financial Transactions Are Secured by Entrust Banking

There are plenty of different payment options that facilitate withdrawals and deposits at the online casinos. Since you are going to be depositing your own hard earned cash – and possibly providing your financial information – you might want to ensure that the casino has partnered with some of the internationally renowned banks and payment processing companies.

Some of the options to consider when online include the following:

  • Debit and Credit cards such as MasterCard and VISA. For years, these two companies have been known for offering secure and safe online casino transactions. If a casino has this option, you can opt to use. The only limitation of using these two options is that they take up to five days to process your payment and some banks don’t process payments made to online casinos. You can, therefore, opt to choose the other alternatives.

  • eWallets such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Yandex Money,, WebMoney and Todito Cash. Some of these options are internationally recognized and have the advantage of processing withdrawal requests within a very short time! eWallets also eliminate the need to provide your financial information to an online casino, because you have to deposit money to your wallet, before the casino, thus eliminating the possibility of losing vital financial information!  

  • Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. As much as there’s still so much controversy on the legality of cryptocurrencies, the online casino industry has embraced the usage of cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are a few platforms that support only the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum as the payment options. The advantage of the cryptocurrencies is that all your information remains anonymous online, eliminating the chances of them falling into the wrong hands!

What Security Technology Does the Operator Use?

This is a very important question you cannot overlook if you must access secure and safe online casino services. Since the early 90’s when the internet was founded, there have been so many developments and changes made to ensure that the internet is a safe ground, even though this hasn’t been achieved fully.

However, in the online casino and gambling industry, there are technological advancements that have been put in place to ensure you are always protected when playing your favourite game. They include the following:

  • The use of 128-bit secure socket layer technology – The 128-bit SSL technology, as it is commonly referred to, is aimed at ensuring that all the information passed on the casino’s platform is encrypted at all times. It enables you, the play, to be the only person who can see what you are doing on the site.

Casinos that use the 128-bit SSL technology will have a green padlock at the top left corner of their platform, followed by HTTPS. You’ll be at peace to know that globally renowned banks such as JP Morgan also use this same technology to ensure their customers are protected from online fraud!

  • Up to date and state of the art firewalls – A website’s safety comes down to the type of firewall it has in place. Without using the latest technology used in firewalls, it might become very difficult for a site to protect itself, leave alone your personal or financial information.

Just like the license and auditing companies, you can find the security technology that the operator uses enlisted at the bottom of the website.

Privacy Policy and Identity Verification Play an Important Role Too!

So, you ended up signing at an online casino successfully using cooked details. Your email address, your home address, your names and even phone number, they are all scum. Do you know that at the secure and safe casino platforms, you cannot withdraw any winnings resulting from your play at the casino?

As a requirement, all casinos require new members to complete what is referred to as KYC procedure. The Know Your Customer procedure requires you to provide the following original documents:

  • A government issued ID. If you’ve lost one, you can use your passport or military issued ID. These documents are used to verify ownership of the account.

  • A copy of your utility bill that dates not less than three months. This could be your water bill, electricity bill, or gas bill. This is used to ascertain you live within the location where the operator is licensed.

  • You have to verify your phone number by entering the code sent to you by the online casino in the ‘verify phone number’ section.

Well, the identity verification process seems to be favouring the casino more than the gambler, you can also ensure that the site has your best interest at heart by going through their privacy policy section. Ensure to read some of the following things in the privacy section:

  • How they store your personal and financial information.

  • Which information is shared with 3rd parties.

  • How they prevent rogue players from signing up at the casino and what steps they take to those found violating the terms and conditions.

What about the games? Are they an essential part of safety and security at the online casino?

Of course, they are! In fact, nothing provides more information regarding safety and security of an online casino than the games on offer!

How? Consider the following factors:

  • Casinos deemed to be safe and secure will only have games from some of the top providers online as well as other underdog companies that have already proven to be reliable. Games by Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Playtech, NYX Gaming among other companies are known to be fair, and the outcomes represent the actual results. Furthermore, you are assured that in case of a win, you will receive your winnings!

  • RNG – The Random Number Generator is a software that’s used to determine the outcome of a game. Secure and safe online casino platforms ensure that this software is constantly audited – both internally and externally – to give you accurate results. Other casinos will tamper with this software to favour the house.

What Measures Can You Take to Guarantee Your Safety Online?

So much about what to look for in a safe and secure online casino. Did you know that safety starts with you? An operator might have all the stated features, but if you aren’t careful, you might just end up as a victim of online casino scam?

To avoid falling victim to online casino scam, ensure you practice the following:

  • Never share any information about yourself to a player you just met online or one that you’ve ‘built trust’ overtime at the casino.

  • When signing up for an account, ensure that you have a password that’s easy to remember, but it features letters, numbers and characters. Such passwords are difficult to crack.

  • Run a thorough background check on the casino to ensure its legitimacy. If it has a license number, run it on the licensing company to ensure it does exist.

  • Reputation matters a lot! If you come across a website that has one bad review, make sure you counter check with the person who posted it or dig up for more information regarding the same allegations.

Why Choosing a Safe and Secure Casino Online Is Important for You!

  • With constant audits, you are sure to win fairly when playing at the secure and safe online casino.

  • You don’t want any of your information falling into the hands of crooked scammers, don’t you? So the best option is to choose a site that’s proven to be secure and safe!

  • You are assured of winning real money while playing any game of your choice.

Have Fun Playing Slots Online in a Safe Slots Casino

We must admit that it does take some effort and time to find an online casino that’s been proven to offer safe and secure services, but it’s usually worth the effort and time. Our safe online casino review has highlighted some of the features you should use to gauge whether a site qualifies as a safe haven for you, but we must mention that majority of the sites might not have all these features. However, if you find one that has at least 90% of all the described features, don’t hesitate to sign up!

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